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Silit Sicomatic T-Plus Pressure Cooker Red 22cm 6.5L


Made in Germany, SILIT is the touchstone for top quality cookware and their range of Silargan pressure cookers offer modern, versatile and exquisitely designed cookware featuring the world's most innovative and unique Silargan Ceramic coating. With an antibacterial finish, Silargan is the most advanced material available on the market.

New Wave 5-in-1 Multi Cooker 6L


The New Wave 5-in-1 Multi-Cooker takes those every day cooking tasks and streamlines them into one efficient feature-packed appliance. Multi-cookers do it all. As well as handling the workload of a pressure cooker, they also slow cook, steam and can be used as an electric pan/pot and as a soup and rice cooker.

Tefal Acticook Pressure Cooker 8L


The Tefal Acticook pressure cooker has an innovative eco-energy system to make cooking even faster and more importantly, save on energy consumption. This system has an exclusive automatic air release valve that expends 85% of the air inside the pot before pressure rises...

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A pressure cooker is undeniably the fastest way to cook meals. A pressure cooker is basically an airtight cooking pot that uses steam to raise pressure and subsequently temperature, allowing foods to cook much faster. Modern pressure cookers also make use of improved and innovative safety features, ensuring that you can do your cooking worry-free.

Buying your first pressure cooker? See our Pressure Cooking Buying Guide for hints and tips!

A pressure cooker is a major benefit to any household

  • Foods are cooked in one-third the time it takes for other cooking methods
  • More vitamins and minerals are retained compared to boiling and steaming
  • Food retains its natural flavour, resulting in tasty and delicious dishes

  • We've taken the most commonly asked questions from our customers and produced a collection of videos that offers hints and tips on how to safely use your pressure cooker. Make sure to visit out Free Recipes Page for a list of winning pressure cooker dishes, including desserts and condiments.

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    Sue Thomas, Melbourne
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